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The power of story: The story is one of the oldest and most basic avenues for human communication and learning. Stories captivate the human imagination. Stories give us context and meaning. Stories can convey very complex ideas and concepts without being academic or intimidating.

A well delivered story can help the public and decision makers understand an issue in new way.  One of the greatest assets we have as housing advocates is the positive stories of people who benefit from affordable housing. Success stories can breathe life into our campaign messages. Whether engaging the media or delivering public testimony, cultivating stories to illustrate the importance of a housing trust fund is a must.

The evolution of technology and the relative ease of video recording have opened the door to a new tool for advocates: Video libraries of people telling stories on the personal impact of affordable housing.  The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance launched its Storytelling Project in late 2010, soliciting stories both on its website and through its coalition members.  Half in Ten and the Coalition on Human Needs are conducting a similar national initiative related to the Federal budget.

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