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Example message frames from housing trust fund campaigns

Housing Arkansas: Lead messages developed with focus group and poll (2011)

    • Every child deserves a safe place to call home
    • A place to call home offers seniors* an opportunity to live and grow with independence and dignity
    • Our veterans should have access to safe, affordable housing
    • Hardworking Arkansans should be able to afford a home and still have enough money for groceries and child caremessage stays equally as strong if your replace seniors with person with a specific disability

Washington Low Income Housing Alliance: Lead messages developed with focus groups (2008)

    • Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, affordable home;
    • It should be possible for working people to afford housing and still have enough money for the basics like groceries and child care;
    • Children deserve the opportunity to succeed in school and life, which all begins with their family being able to afford a decent place to live,
    • It’s better for our communities, the environment, and families if people can afford to live close to where they work.

North Carolina Housing Coalition: Lead messages developed with focus groups (2008)

    • The people who most urgently need affordable housing are working families with children, young adults just entering the labor market, senior citizens and people with disabilities.
    • Too many hard-working North Carolina families are not able to find an affordable place to live.
    • North Carolina’s children deserve a safe, stable home and community in which to grow up.
    • Communities that offer more affordable housing options are stronger economically.

Housing California: Lead messages developed with poll (2008)

    • Housing market is broken
    • California needs to stabilize its housing market
    • Lack of housing choice effects people at all income levels
    • A place to call home gives kids opportunity to succeed,
    • A place to call home help vulnerable populations,
    • Government has a role to address the broken housing market

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