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Councilwoman Robin Kniech, fellow Council members and core supporters announcing Denver’s $150 million housing trust fund (photo courtesy of the Office of At-Large Councilwoman Robin Kniech)

Denver Establishes a $154 Million Housing Trust Fund!

Read about the Denver victory as well as wins in Evansville (IN), Miami-Dade County (FL) and Seattle (WA) in the Fall Newsletter

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2016 National Survey of Housing Trust Funds

The Housing Trust Fund Project of the Center for Community Change is pleased to announce the released of its report on the 2016 National Survey…

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Residents United Network “Storms” to Victory

Angered at the lack of action from Governor Jerry Brown to address California’s housing crisis as the legislative session was about to adjourn, leaders from…

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Nashville’s Dedicated Mayor Boosts Revenue for the Barnes Fund for Affordable Housing

Read about Nashville, as well as wins in Arizona, Louisville KY, Portland OR, and Raleigh NC in our Summer 2016 Newsletter.

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Florida Allocates $214 Million to State Housing Trust Funds

Read about the Florida victory, as well as housing trust fund wins in Virginia; Austin, Texas; and Oakland, California in our Spring 2016 Newsletter.

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Case Study a Toolkit for Housing Trust Fund Advocates

The Housing Trust Fund Project partnered CNHED to produce an interactive case-study of the Housing For All campaign that won $100 million for the DC Housing Production Trust Fund.

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Victory in Pennsylvania: Legislature Dedicates Funds to Expand PHARE Statewide

Victory in Pennsylvania: Legislature Dedicates Funds, Expands State HTF

Winter Newsletter features wins in Pennsylvania, Los Angeles & Alameda Co CA, Kalamazoo MI, Redwing MN, Burlington VT, Seattle WA and Portland, OR.

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Housing Trust Funds: A Growing Movement

There are now 47 states with housing trust funds, as well as the District of Columbia, and more than 770 city and county housing trust funds…

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Get involved with United for Homes!

Join the campaign to secure dedicated revenue for the National Housing Trust Fund today!

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What Are Housing Trust Funds?

Housing trust funds are distinct funds established by city, county or state governments that receive ongoing dedicated sources of public funding to support the preservation and production of affordable housing and increase opportunities for families and individuals to access decent affordable homes.  Housing trust funds systemically shift affordable housing funding from annual budget allocations to the commitment of dedicated public revenue.   While housing trust funds can also be a repository for private donations, they are not public/private partnerships, nor are they endowed funds operating from interest and other earnings.  Click here to learn more.

National HTF

On May 4, 2016, HUD announced state-by-state funding levels for the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF). There will be nearly $174 million available for producing, preserving, and rehabilitating rental housing for ELI households, those with incomes at or below 30% of area median income. For state allocations, click here. On April 28, 2016 HUD posted the National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) Allocation Plan guidance. To read the guidance, click here. For the latest information on the National Housing Trust Fund, go to the National Low income Housing Coalition website:

How HTFs Work

The popularity of housing trust funds is attributable in large part to their inherent flexibility. They can be designed to serve the most critical housing needs in each community, whatever those may be.  Defining the key elements of your housing trust fund proposal is a critical first step toward establishing a housing trust fund that will be efficient, effective, and responsive to your community’s needs. To learn more, click here.

Publication and Resource Library

The Housing Trust Fund Project provides a wide array of resources available for download to assist in the development and an implementation of housing trust funds. For links to an example document library, Housing Trust Fund Project publications, and our Newsletter archive, click here.


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