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City Housing Trust Funds

Enjoying an evening stroll through the neighborhood built on tracts of land designed for low and moderate priced housing that was funded through the Santa Fe Housing Trust Fund (Tierra Contenta).

There are 98 city housing trust funds in thirty-five states, bolstered by another 172 jurisdictions participating in Massachusetts’ Community Preservation Act, and 296 communities certified in New Jersey by the Council on Affordable Housing—a total of 566 city housing trust funds. For a list of city housing trust funds and the agencies that administer them, click here.

Our 2016 Housing Trust Fund Survey calculates housing trust fund revenues generated by cities as more than $385 million annually. The most common revenue source collected by city housing trust funds are developer fees—used by twenty-seven city housing trust funds and all jurisdictions in New Jersey.  The average amount of public and private funds leveraged for every dollar invested in affordable housing by city housing trust funds is $6.00. The highest leverage reported was $14.00 for individual trust funds.  For a list of city housing trust fund revenue sources, click here.

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