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Three children celebrating the opening of a rental homes on Oahu, funded by the Hawaii Rental Housing Trust Fund.

When we link housing to issues like health, education, transportation, environment, and the economy, we can build powerful public policy arguments that move the public, the media, and decision makers.  On its own, affordable housing is not a top tier political priority in most communities.  Connecting housing to other issues people care about helps your audience understand the importance of affordable housing.  Advocates from across the country have done great work developing arguments relating affordable housing  the success of children in schools, health outcomes for children, seniors and people with disabilities, the reduction of commute times, and the creation of local jobs.  There is also a growing number of studies and reports with hard data demonstrating the connection between safe, stable, affordable housing and public health outcomes.

Three of the most powerful of these arguments are:  

  1. A Place to Call Home is the Foundation for Every Healthy Person
  2. Investing in Affordable Housing Promotes Economic Development
  3. Affordable Housing Builds Vibrant Neighborhoods

Developing these arguments require research and writing, but the basic outlines are well established and easy to employ.