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The power of community organizing: Peninsula Interfaith Action, part of the Faith In Action Network, mobilized people throughout San Mateo County, California en route to winning a county housing trust fund with participation from all cities in the county.

There are currently 69 county housing trust funds in seventeen states, with one County creating two housing trust funds. Additionally, the state of Pennsylvania has 49 county housing trust funds and the state of Washington has 39 county housing trust funds which have been created under state enabling legislation to bring the total to 157 county housing trust funds. For a list of county housing trust funds and the agencies that administer them, click here.

Washington State has specifically structured its housing trust funds to encourage and support affordable housing efforts at the County level. Read more here.

In 2020, county housing trust funds generated more than $200 million. According to our 2016 Housing Trust Fund Survey Report the average amount of public and private funds leveraged for every dollar invested in affordable housing by county housing trust funds is $8.50.  The highest ratio reported was $1:$18.  For a list of county housing trust fund revenue sources, click here.