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State Housing Trust Funds: A Rural Lifeline This report documents the impact of state housing trust funds on addressing the affordable housing needs of rural communities across the United States. The report includes the results of survey of state housing trusts funds that lifts up trends and common priorities, as well as case studies from nine states highlighting best practices for programs addressing rental housing, home ownership and homelessness.

Opening Doors to Home for All: 2016 Housing Trust Fund Survey Report This report summarizes the findings of a 2016 survey conducted by the Housing Trust Fund Project to assess the status of existing housing trust funds throughout the United States. The report summarizes the findings from surveying how housing trust funds are operating throughout the country in four key chapters: state housing trust funds, city housing trust funds, county housing trust funds, and state enabling legislation for local housing trust funds. The Housing Trust Fund Project selected to highlight seven critical trends that housing trust funds are promoting to ensure affordable homes become an asset to every community. These are:  providing homes for extremely low income households; preserving the investment in affordable homes; responding to the national call to address homelessness; addressing gentrification and displacement; addressing rural housing needs; addressing environmental goals; and highlighting success.

CNHED Case StudyVision to Action: How CNHED’s Housing For All Campaign Led DC from Drastic Cuts to Momentous Investments in Affordable Housing The Housing Trust Fund Project partnered with the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED) to produce an interactive case-study of the Housing For All campaign that resulted in Washington, DC’s $100 million investment in the Housing Production Trust Fund in 2015. The case study documents the strategy, tactics and structures that led to the 2015 victory, including CNHED’s strategic shift to engage community residents impacted by the lack of affordable housing as leaders in the campaign.

The Status of State Housing Trust Funds This toolkit summarizes the findings of a 2011 survey conducted by the Housing Trust Fund Project to assess the status of existing housing trust funds throughout the United States.  The report, augmented with additional data and information from 2012, includes a map of state housing trust funds, an overview of program and administrative characteristics, a Models-for-Providing-ELI-Housing-HTFProject_01review of revenue sources, and specific highlights and innovations from state housing trust funds.

The Impact of Research Evidence as an Advocacy Tool in Housing Trust Fund Campaigns This report elevates lessons learned from housing trust fund campaigns in Kalamazoo County, Michigan; the State of Arkansas; and Louisville, Kentucky on the use of research that connects the availability of safe adequate homes to family health, educational opportunities, and supportive environments.

State Legislation to Promote Local Housing Trust Funds The passage of state legislation to enable and promote local housing trust funds has increased the number of local housing trust funds more than any other single development in the housing trust fund movement. This toolkit is designed to give advocates basic information on what alternatives have been developed and an understanding of why this might be an advantageous strategy.

HTF-Progress-Report-2007Model Approaches to Providing Homes for Extremely Low Income Households A 2011 report prepared by the Housing Trust Fund Project from the experiences of 5 State and 3 Local Housing Trust Funds. Outlines three model approaches: Cross-Subsidization between higher and lower income housing, supporting on-going operating and maintenance costs, and providing project or tenant-based rental assistance.

Profiles of Homeless Housing Trust Funds In 2011, The Housing Trust Fund Project published a series of case studies on homeless trust funds.
Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust
Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund
Washington Homelessness Housing and Assistance Act

Lessons from State Housing Trust Funds on Providing Housing for Extremely Low Income Households This is a preliminary report intended to assist the conversation regarding how we can provide housing to Extremely Low WinningatLocalLevelIncome Households.  The report includes the response from ten states surveyed by the Housing Trust Fund Project in 2009.

Housing Trust Fund Progress Report 2007  This report provides the only comprehensive up-to-date description of the more than 600 housing trust funds in the US.  Housing trust funds generate $1.6 billion dollars each year to support affordable housing. The report contains information on state, city, and county housing trust funds and describes current trends with housing trust fund development throughout the country.

Winning at the Local Level: 5 Housing Trust Fund Campaigns Tell Their Stories  This 2004 report captures accomplishments in housing trust funds through personal interviews with dozens of players in select cities. The stories provide lessons, experiences and victories that literally changed the complexion of affordable housing in these cities.

Home Sweet Home: Why America Needs a Housing Trust HTFWorkbookFund, 2002  This report outlines benefits that could be realized from the creation of a national housing trust fund. The report details the need and quantifies social and economic benefits that could result from creating needed housing. Detailed information is provided for 20 states.

A Workbook for Creating a Housing Trust Fund    This workbook explains how to assemble a proposal for a new fund and put together a campaign to get it enacted.  It contains step by step suggestions and examples to draw from.  Published in 1999.